Monday, March 31, 2014

Wing-Chair Slip Cover

Slipcovers are very important if you want to preserve your furniture. I have had several Sure-Fit brand slipcover and am so pleased with the fact they are washable, and I can have a couple in different colors. It gives me a chance to change the colors of my furniture without buying new furniture.
These are so well constructed that I do not have to keep adjusting and tucking or straightening them.
Slipcovers protect new furniture and they cover up worn out older furniture.
When you click on the amazon link, have a look at the other slipcovers available that might fit your furniture.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mini Slow-Cooker


I like every aspect of my mini crockpot! I cannot figure out why I never had one before.minwas always washing out the large crockpot and storing it away, which was very heavy and inconvenient.

If there are just a few of you or even two, at home, this cooks enough for a meal. It cooks a lot faster than the ordinary crockpots, and yiur meal is ready is such a shrt time. Besides all that, it is a lot easier to wash, and takes up less space.

A few recipes are included in the care booklet, but If you need more, try this cookbook with recipes for two:

Just click here and then look inside the book:



Friday, March 28, 2014

Vinyl Purse With Flower and Rhinestone

Ladies of all ages and lifestyles like this lightweight purse. It can be a shoulder bag or carried on the arm, and it is roomy, yet not overwhelmingly large. I have see it in other colors in local shops and even bought one for a friend.  

Vinyl Purse With Flower and Rhinestone

These are lovely purses and are not limited to your age. Young and old enjoy the room and artsy look of this bag. I have seen them in a shop and they are lovely!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pretty Little Chandelier Lamp for Your Home

This is a lovely lamp that looks like a chandelier. You can have the luxury and the effect of a chandelier in a small home or small room, without the problem of installation. It also comes in pink, and several other sizes and styles.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Hand Built Furniture

When I flipped through this book online and saw the page listing the furniture building projects for every room, I knew it would be the perfect book for those families who are trying to encourage their boys to make furniture for their future families. With the right tools, I myself might even be able to make the lovely armoire and add a mirror. I am better at sewing, though, so I hope I can get someone else to build it for me.
Instructions are included for building a coffee table, farmhouse dining table, secretary desk, kitchen island, sewing table, play kitchen, picnic table and more.
It would be god to have this book in your library even if your children are still too young to make these things. just looking at the pictures and instructions will develop an interest.
Order it here:

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Romantic Country Swing With Wood Seat


If you have always wanted a simple rope swing with vines growing on it, or just a place to sit alone for a few gentle moments, I would recommend this one. Some of us have the tools to make one ourselves for practically nothing, but if you cant find all the materials and want to just get it in the mail and hang it up, here is your chance to have one. Just make sure to choose the strongest, sturdiest branch.

On My Home Living Blog, I write posts that help women care for their families and create a peaceful atmosphere in the home. At Lovely Whatevers, I try to find things of beauty that are appealing and still useful for the home and family.

You can purchase any item by clicking the Amazon link, or you can get some ideas here and save them in your idea file.

This is where I put items I would like to have, eventually, and that would look good and be used a lot in my own home.



Thursday, March 20, 2014

Crystal Tea Server

It is really important for you to know this is a small teapot and when you get it you might think it is for only one person, but it holds four cups of tea. The two cups that come with it are regular size teacups. I was expecting the pot to be bigger but after using it am quite happy with it. IFAD good deal for three items, but if you are used to getting things at thrift stores, the total cost is a high.

I have always wanted a crystal teapot, and this one will work well. It so pretty on the tea table when I have tea time at home or for the weekly ladies Bible class. There is a basket inside to hold a tea bag or tea leaves. I like the rose on the lid!



Tuesday, March 18, 2014

White Wicker Settee

 I have enjoyed wicker furniture because it easy to move around to different places in my house, without help. It is lightweight, and this product has the added advantage of being made of washable vinyl. If something gets spilled on it, you can take it outside and wash it with the garden hose. While I have had the natural wicker for many years, I like the vinyl much, much better and it is very similar in price. The cane wicker breaks and comes unraveled and is often sharp and catches on your clothes. I much prefer the new vinyl wicker, and feel it is safer around children and pets.

I think this is a great price and I hope to eventually replace all my wicker furniture, which is worn out, with this easy care vinyl.  One thing I like about it is that I do not have to spend $30.00 to $60.00 a year on spray paint to repair it and repaint, freshen it. The vinyl seems to stay the same, year after year. A plus, is that if it gets wet, it does not sink in the seating area as the cane wicker does.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Pretty Gracie China With Green Accent

Previously I have featured quite a few pieces of Royal Albert china. I ordered one of the teacup sets and found it to be of the same heavy quality as stoneware, and the tea just did not seem as good in it. It did not have the same lightweight delicate feel as the antique teacups that I have collected.

 I have come to like the Gracie china for hard every-day use, because it can be put in  the dishwasher. These days I am going for Gracie china, since much of it is made of good quality ceramic and glass and yet keeps its elegant look and feel like the fine china of the past.

Gracie china is something you can use for the whole family every day. It has the look of the old fashioned delicate china but it is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cake Stand

I think formal meals and tea times are very important for the stability of the family, so I am including things you can get to enhance that experience.  This cake stand can be used for many things, including fruit displays and other centerpieces requiring foods.