Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sewing and Crochet books

Tilda's Studio is a lovely book full of soothing colors and sewing projects that embellish your home. It would be an enjoyable book for someone who did not want to get too involved in something  that would take a long time. Each item just takes a little time out of a day, no more. I love the cloth bird cage and the free clip art you can copy to make cards with. There is an easy cloth rose you can make and I'm trying to get more organized and get all my house work finished so I can get out the materials and use some of the patterns in this book. I've already shown it to some of my younger friends, and the teen girls are really wanting a copy for themselves.

The prettiest thing in this book is the tea cozy, crocheted to look like a pot of flowers, as seen on the cover. the other projects are wonderful, as well, and include instructions to make more flowers to embellish the projects. You can use yarn, instead of thread, with these patterns, so if you are not proficient in thread-crochet, but still want to make something you can finish, I highly recommend this book. I'm using it myself right now and just love it.

book with patterns


I can happily recommend this book, because I own it now and find it delightful. I have shown it to my Ladies Bible Class and passed it around and they devoured every page, vowing to make some of these dresses in grown-up sizes!  I even found some handkerchief-like prints at Walmart, with borders on it, and am attempting my own dress to really wear. The dresses in this book are so pretty!  Patterns for the doll dresses are included in the back of the book. While I do not want a lot of dolls and doll dresses, I do find this book a wonderful, pretty, bright, colorful guide for ladies dresses, and I hope designers and manufacturers will take note of this book!